Real time emission data for sustainable transparency

  • Calculate your local energy mix and emissions to help meet CSRD regulations
  • Create transparent emissions reports without any greenwashing or offsetting
  • Gain trust by showing your sustainable journey to clients and partners

We want to encourage you to become more sustainable

Renbloc’s solution offers a precise and dependable evaluation of your energy mix and related emissions, for every individual site in your operations. This helps you meet regulatory obligations and enhance your sustainability performance, while giving you the opportunity to avoid offsetting and greenwashing

Our services

Historical emission data

Gain access to the hourly emissions data of the last 12 months, customized for each geographical site in your value chain, and create detailed reports for CSRD compliance

API for integration

Integrate our API into your current Energy Management System to establish a direct connection between local emission data and your live energy consumption

Full emission report

We can assist you in creating detailed emission reports, complete with visualizations for each site and business area, connecting the CO2 to your kWh

Reliable emission data for CSRD reports

  • Create a comprehensive and detailed overview of CO2 emissions by site and geographical area
  • Compare emissions across business areas, countries, and the company as a whole
  • Connect our real emission data to your local kWh consumption
  • Identify opportunities for optimization and targeted investments in sustainability

Historical emission data

  • Emission data for the last 12 months, ensuring CSRD compliance
  • Hourly breakdown of energy sources and emissions for each site
  • Enable insights into your energy consumption and CO2 emissions
  • Track your sustainability progress by analyzing your true emissions

Flexible API

  • Integrate with your current Energy Management Solution through our flexible API
  • Real-time insight into your energy usage and CO2 emissions, allowing for optimization and targeted investments
  • Scalable API that adapts to your company’s growth and evolving needs
  • Achieve your sustainability goals without relying on offsetting or greenwashed data

vs Greenwashing

Integrating Renbloc’s API into your current Energy Management solution will equip your Sustainability Manager with a powerful tool to reduce emissions in all aspects of your operations

Renbloc emission data

  • Real data for CSRD compliance
  • See trends and track improvements 
  • Optimize consumption to lower emissions

Offsetting as a data source

  • Not compliant with CSRD reporting
  • CO2 factor based on false data
  • Unable to make data driven decisions

Main focus areas

Property owners

Connect all properties within your portfolio for a full energy source and emission overview  


Compare CO2 data and enable full emission transparency for all factories across multiple countries

ESG service providers

Apply our API to the customers data for an easy to use emission tracker within your system

Energy Management Systems

Use our API to keep track of the emissions connected to the kWh consumption data from each customer

FMCG producers

Apply our emission data to your logistic operations to enable kWh and CO2 tracking for specific products

Logistical solutions

Connect all logistical sites to our API and track the consumed CO2 as your goods moves across borders

Clients and partners